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Destination 1 - Umkumbe Safari Lodge - Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve
(bordering Kruger National Park, South Africa)

click on image below for video
ele herd click on image for video
impalas impalas
yellowbilled hornbill yellowbilled hornbill
Southern giraffe Southern giraffe
elephant elephant
white rhino white rhino white rhino with redbilled oxpecker -
close-up photo by John Rogers
Scops owl Scops owl Scops owl
leopard leopard leopard
lilac-breasted roller lilac-breasted roller

Destination 2 - The Kingdom - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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Vic Falls click on image for video

Destination 3 - Chobe Safari Lodge - Kasane, Botswana
(bordering Chobe National Park)

malachite kingfisher malachite kingfisher
vervet monkey vervet monkey
pied kingfisher pied kingfisher
darter darter darter
Nile crocodile Nile crocodile Nile crocodile
African fish eagle African fish eagle African fish eagle
yellowbilled stork yellowbilled stork
Cape buffalo Cape buffalo Cape buffalo
blacksmith plover blacksmith plover
monitor lizard monitor lizard
sable antelope sable antelope
wet ellies
hippopotamus hippopotamus hippopotamus
Chobe sunset
whitefronted bee-eater whitefronted bee-eater
goliath heron goliath heron goliath heron
Chacma baboon Chacma baboon
whitebacked vulture whitebacked vulture
immature squacco heron immature squacco heron
spoonbill spoonbill
squacco heron squacco heron
openbilled stork openbilled stork
click on image below for video
eles embracing click on image for video

Destination 4 - Pom Pom Camp - Okavango Delta, Botswana

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BIG bull BIG bull click on image for video
sausage tree sausage tree sausage tree
red lechwe red lechwe
swamp swamp
female painted snipe female painted snipe
water lilies water lilies water lily
redbilled francolin redbilled francolin
hamerkop hamerkop
hippo hippopotamus
John and baobab tree John and baobab tree
impala impala impala
tsessebe tsessebe
genet genet - photo by John Rogers
reedbuck reedbuck
elephant trunk
Okavango sunset
elephant ears
tiny painted reed frog tiny painted reed frog -
photo by John Rogers
fish eagle African fish eagle
saddlebilled stork saddlebilled stork
Southern Cross
click on photo to find the Southern Cross

photo by John Rogers