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Destination 5 - Deception Valley Lodge - Kalahari Desert, Botswana

terminal and fire station terminal and fire station
sitting room - right
sitting room - left
dining room
ostrich egg chandelier ostrich egg chandelier - photo by John Rogers
kudu skull
male kudu male kudu
kudu spiral
immature dark chanting goshawk immature dark chanting goshawk
bushmen bushmen building snare
steenbok steenbok
kori bustard kori bustard
whitefaced owl whitefaced owl
yellowbilled hornbill yellowbilled hornbill
lion profile
lion body
lion face
lion opening
lion open
lion full open

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Destination 6 - Villa Moringa Guesthouse - Windhoek, Namibia

(photos taken while driving southwest to Destination 7)

weaver nest weaver nest weaver nest
weaver nest scenery
scenic car wreck
kokerboom tree kokerboom tree
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sociable weaver nest scenery
sociable weaver nest ←------ sociable weaver nest ------→
sociable weaver nest close-up

Destination 7 - Desert Camp - Sossusvlei, Namibia

(world's tallest shifting sand dunes at 1000 feet)

oryx oryx oryx (gemsbok)
hot air balloon
springbok springbok
dunes and balloon
dune, balloon and road
balloon and dune
dune climbing
dead vlei
tall dune
spotted eagle owl spotted eagle owl
pied crow pied crow

Destination 8 - Brigadoon B&B - Swakopmund, Namibia

(photos taken en route to Destinations 8 and 9)

infinite road
road sign
kokerboom tree kokerboom tree (aka quiver tree)
kokerboom bark kokerboom bark
unknown unidentified aloe-like tree
three male ostriches male ostriches
lesser flamingo lesser flamingo
greater flamingo greater flamingo
Cape Cross fur seals Cape Cross fur seals
fur seals
seal face
mother and pup
sleeping pup